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Headquartered in Seattle Washington, DAASL is a decentralized blockchain based software-as-a-service company aiming to accelerate the growth of the dApp ecosystem. Besides software development and DevOps services for dApps running on RChain and other blockchains, DAASL provides a unique alternative to centralized surveillance advertising. Specifically, DAASL’s tokenized APIs multiply paths to dApp monetization and growth by delivering user preferred sponsored content, predictive analytics, and audited results.


Full stack dApp development is difficult, requiring a host of necessary APIs, assets and components for frontend and backend development. Once dApps are created there is still ongoing maintenance to address. In addition, dApps must be secured, operated and monitored 24/7. dApp monetization is an issue when users have become accustomed to using dApps for free. While user subscription models are unpopular and create friction.

Advertising technology (AdTech) is a fundamentally broken industry due to platform centralization, low conversion and user aversion to surveillance. Ad fraud, transparency and brand safety are areas advertisers and digital marketers care about the most, but perform the worst. Ad fraud reached $5.8 billion in 2019 according to Adweek, while users face unprecedented levels of malvertisements and privacy violations. Who is to blame? It is the AdTech vendor intermediaries themselves who overrun ad exchanges and perpetuate fraud and waste. Because these companies are huge and benefit immensely from these problems, there is no incentive for the AdTech vendors to fix them.

End user data is gathered knowingly and unknowingly by social media platforms in the extremely profitable surveillance economy. Users want control over their data, but do not have the power to do so. Users are responsible for creating the content which many social media platforms use to attract more users and generate profits. However, they do not share in the financial gain they generate.


DAASL is a new foundational framework for dApp developers, advertisers and end users.

For the dApp developer the DAASL accelerator platform has various APIs, assets and components for faster development and secure deployment of dApps. Our turnkey services allow an unlimited number of dApps to be created, secured, operated and monitored with minimal effort. We provide tokenized APIs which generate early and synergistic monetization and decentralized user growth. The framework is built on top of RChain, the scalable, secure, high transaction volume platform with no throughput bottlenecks.

For advertisers, we offer simplicity and transparency to see where their spend goes, how effective the ads are, and whether the technology stack is performing as expected. RChain platform provides incorruptible and immutable proof that displaces the current trust-based AdTech model putting the performance of the ads back in digital marketers’ hands. Specialized communities ensure ads achieve high user engagement. The successful delivery of preferred sponsored content continually improves due to predictive analytics and auditable results.

For end users, we give back the power to control personal data. They have complete freedom to engage with ads and content without the fear of being surveilled. Tokenized APIs allow end users to profit from the dApp content they create and curate.


We are a dedicated group of management professionals, with a proven track record of successfully managing world class companies.



Raise $15M

Investment Offer

Asset Allocation

DAASL Tokens

DAASL Token Total Supply 1 Trillion
DAASL 500 Billion
RChain 500 Billion

DAASL Shares

DAASL Token Total Shares 25 Million
DAASL 15 Million
RChain 10 Million

RChain receives 500B DAASL tokens from DAASL in exchange for 15M DAASL shares.

Market Opportunities

Blockchain for advertising will reach a plateau in 5-10 years*. DApp growth will be unlimited.



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